• Communicate simultaneously with all owners
  • Automatize and guarantee the quality of you daily routine
  • Automatize reports and statistics
  • Increase prosperity and quality assurance
  • One license for the entire stables
  • Free education given by Trotto


  • Receive and take part in the status of your horse
  • Communicate using our app with trainers and grooms
  • Automatize reports and statistics
  • The same information to all associates
  • Secure log in using BankID

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About Trotto

Our vision is to become a milestone in the history of equestrian sports. Where time today is spilled on informing associates and manually operating the stables, tomorrow will look entirely different. With Trotto, all stakeholders will be able to communicate through a secure channel and have access to the exact same information, minimizing misconceptions. However, looking back on prior experiences poses equally important as looking into the future in order to automatically gain statistics regarding how practices, food and injuries affect a horse and the stables in its entirety. Automatization of documentation and simplified communication are cornerstones in our unique offer to trainers and horse owners.

Trotto was launched in 2017 and the demand is rising since the benefits for both trainers and owners are many. We are based in Halmstad and consist of a mix of owners, varying from initiators as well as senior advisors when it comes to creating well-appreciated digital services. Please contact us if you want to know more about what we offer and how the world’s first digital service in equestrian sports can make a difference for you.

Facts about Equestrian Sports

  • Approx. 58 000 000 horses exist in the world
  • Out of those, 355 000 live in Sweden
  • 9000 trotting races are held in Sweden each year, among the most in Europe
  • In 2016, there were approx. 895 equestrian clubs in Sweden
  • Out of all Swedish clubs, approx. 450 offers a riding school
  • In Sweden there are more than 30 trotting tracks
  • The world’s tallest horse measures 210 cm at the whithers
  • The world’s smallest horse measured 35 cm at the whithers at birth
  • Anually, approx. 18 000 trotting horses are trained in Sweden

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